Making a Grunge Mask for Paint Shop Pro.
[My images were done with PSP Version 8.1]
Why? Maybe you want to make something look grungy rather than so perfect and new.
You can do that using one or more masks on your image.
This is how to make a mask.  Later you will learn about using it.
Download the PNG of the photo used to make the mask. [When it opens, right click and save it.]

Open photo in psp.  This is the photo.  Isn't it pretty?


Go to Layers, New Mask Layer, Click on From Image.


Source window comes up.  Click on the triangle to see choices and click the name your original photo has.


This window now comes up.  Ignore the mask image you see on the left.  Name your mask.  I named mine canvas2.  Click Save.


This is what your image will now look like.


Now go to Layers again, Load/Save Mask, Click on Save Mask to Disk.  

You have now made a mask yourself.  In the next lesson you will learn how to use it.


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