The JPEG Optimizer [for those who haven't used it before]
Written for doing image at PlusPSP.  Join us!

You will find the optimizer in PSP by clicking on File and then on Export.
In the list that appears, click on JPEG Optimizer.
This optimizer window will appear.

optimizertutimagejpg.jpgFor the purposes of this tut, we are only concerned with the Quality tab that you see when you first open the optimizer.  Look for the words "Set compression Value to:" which I have circled in the graphic here. The lower you set this value, the better the quality of the image will be.  But that will make the KB size of the image higher.   In the sample graphic notice where I wrote in 78 K.  To know the K of your image, you look only at the first two numbers in the bytes.  So in the sample, 78,191 bytes is about 78 K.  So for challenges at PlusPSP,  you will have to change the compression value until the compressed size of the image is about 80K.  When you have the value set, click OK.  [Don't change any of the other settings from the default that you see here in my sample image.]


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ŠTut by Holder, 2005

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