Smoother Edged Transparent Gifs

Do you want a smoother edge on your transparent gifs when using the gif optimizer?  Try this.
Both images above were done with the settings below.  But the image on the right has a feathered edge around it that is a light color to blend with the background.  It goes well with this background, but not so well with any other darker background.  That edge is created on a second layer. Choose your color carefully to match as closely as possible the background on which you want to put your transparent gif.  
1Open the image on a transparent background.
2Make a transparent selection with the magic wand around your existing image.  
3Expand it by 2 and then inside/outside feather it by 2.  
4Make a layer below and on that layer fill the selected area with the color you want.  

5Then go to the optimizer.

These are the settings on the gif optimizer which we use when we do the challenge award which was set up by Carol UK at PlusPSP:

Transparency tab:
Existing image or layer tranparency.  [My image that I was saving was on a tranparent background to begin with.]

Partial Transparency tab:
Mark  Use full transparency for pixels below 36 %
Mark Yes, blend with the background color  and then set the color in the box.

Colors Tab:  
256 colors, 100% dithering and mark Optimized Octree.  Nothing is marked under options.

Format Tab:
....could be either setting depending on how you want the image to open.  Ours is set at Non-interlace and Version idea what version 89a is all about.

You don't have to do anything in the download tab, but it tells you there how many K your image will be .   Mine is just 48K

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