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When you are happy with your old gnarled tree trunk, give it a nice setting.  Use the "spruce" tube to paint.

My image after doing some lightening and darkening with the retouch tool, some more beveling, and adding two branches.  Notice that I had to put a shadow under the branch in the middle so that it would stand out more from the tree.  
[Hint for shadow:  I did this by putting a duplicate of the branch on a layer underneath and darkening it completely, then moving it to an appropriate place.]

Let's add some grass.  Open a new layer above the trunk.  Open your Picture Tubes and set to "spruce".  Set the size to 15 and the step to #1.  Now "paint" some grass around the base of the tree.  Then open your retouch tool and set it on "smudge".  Using the settings in my example above, push the blades of grass upward from the main area of the grass.  It may take several pushes in an area to get them as high as you want. It's important to have the density setting low when you do this.

Now give it a stormy sky.  Use the "popcorn" tube.

Open a layer behind the trunk.  Fill in with the popcorn tube but leave an empty space down by the grass.  Move it around well and not just in a straight line. [Hint: end you popcorn application outside of the canvas so a last piece of popcorn will not show.]  Then give it a Twirl deformation.  Try the setting I have in the example.  If any of the empty area of the swirl shows, use the "push" retouch tool to fill up that area.  The empty area on mine ended up being mostly behind the trunk. 

Add on a last layer of dirt.  
Add another layer under the grass and the sky for the dirt.  Fill in the open area with the "Autumn Leaves" tube with the scale set low.  Then if you want to, click on the area with the magic wand in a number of areas and bevel.  Then look at your sky.  If you like the color it is, leave it alone.  I opened up "color" and "adjust hue/saturation/lightness" and changed the lightness setting down to -32 and it turned this fantastic blue "WEIRD WEATHER" color. 

"Tree Trunk and the Coming Storm"

Thanks for coming here to paint!

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