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Quick, simple tut for the JPG optimizer
to make your image K smaller for the internet

A Simple Color Work Tutorial for Paint Shop Pro
for any version of PSP

 Beginners basic Layers tutorial in PSP 8

Winding One Object around Another with PSP

Tutorial for Editing a Selection in PSP 8

Basic Tutorial for the Deform Tool in PSP 8

Using the Mesh Warp tool in PSP 8
This is for a vase, but can be
applied to other things.

Tutorial:  Turn font into block letters
created in PSP8 but adaptable to other versions

Smoothing an edge in PSP 8

Second Edge tutorial for PSP 8

A simple but less perfect way to create smooth edges in PSP 8

Creating Smoother Transparent gifs for your page background

Creating a Mask in Paint Shop Pro

follow up with
Using a Mask in Paint Shop Pro

A tutorial on "painting" with various tubes in Paint Shop Pro
This is not the usual use of tubes.  

Drawing a notebook with PSP


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