Using a Mask in Paint Shop Pro

My images were done with version 8.1 Paint Shop Pro

Once you have created your mask, you need to try it out.
In my example, I am going to make my crayon box look a bit less new, a bit more grungy.

You will be using a slightly different mask.  You will use the one that you made in the tut about making a mask.

Download your box front here, or use any other image that you want to.  Or get the PNG here if you have trouble with the zip.[Copy the png to your computer, then open in psp.]


The object here is to darken a top layer so that the masking will be darker than the original.
Duplicate your original image twice.  Now you have three layers.  Set the top layer's blend mode to Multiply.  That will darken that layer.  Now merge the two top layers. [You can always duplicate the Multiply layer again to make it even darker.  Then merge the three top layers.]

Now you have two layers, your original layer and a darker one on top of it.  Make sure you are now on that top will be highlighted.

Go to Layer, Load/Save Mask, Click on Load Mask from Disk.

The Load Mask window opens.  Click on the little triangle to see all of your masks.  Click on, in this case, canvas 2.  Then click on Load.

Now your crayon box front looks grungier.

You now have choices when doing an image with masks. You can go ahead and merge the layers.   [You must have the main Group layer highlighted in order to merge with the layer below.  Or you can right click on the mask group layer and choose to merge the group.  Then merge with the layer below.]

, or.........

Then you can use effects such as Colored Edges on your mask. Or you can go through the duplicating and masking again with a different mask.

Or before merging, you can go through the whole same process with another set of duplicates and a different mask and have that as another layer.   You can mask over masks to get the grungy look you want.  Also remember to try out changing the Inverting of the Mask to see if you like that effect better.  You can even rotate a layer and mask it.  Have fun experimenting!

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